From exquisite custom ketubot to paintings and papercuts illustrating bible stories, to Cleveland’s famous “Guitar Mania” public art project, artist Nancy Schwartz-Katz is a master of capturing moments in time, and connecting people through “the stories that bind us” as illuminated in her art.

Nancy often uses her craft to explore contemporary social issues and conceptual themes along side Judaic themes, creating unique symbolism that enhances a particular story, conveyed through a richly detailed and technically sophisticated technique. Working chiefly in paper cutting, illustration, and gouche on paper, her body of work is expansive, encompassing hundreds of pieces created for both public exhibition and private commissions.

You are invited to get to know Nancy’s unique artistic voice by browsing her art here online, and by attending her frequent exhibitions. Nancy’s stunning artwork is available for your own collection, including custom work honoring your own personal celebrations. Several pieces are for purchase through her online store.

Learn more about Nancy here.