I am a story teller through my art.

I use a variety of media to tell the stories of individuals, organizations, and history, all the while aiming to explore different aspects of humanity. Through my use of color, paper choice, and varied details, I am able to create symbolism aimed at enhancing a particular story. By varying these details to emphasize main concepts, while keeping the more subtle aspects of the narratives in the background, I am able to fashion a cohesive, compelling work of art. I also like challenging myself technically with design and medium to shape concepts.

One of the most enjoyable parts of my artistic practice is hearing the stories of peoples’ lives and then figuring out what symbolism best represents them, or the organization or community I am working with, and what mood I will ultimately convey.  Then I choose what technical skill, colors, and textures to employ.

To date, my preferred media have been gouache on paper, papercutting, or a combination of the two. With gouache, I like to layer the color in order to form one image to the next, keeping the look clean, clear, intentional, and sophisticated. My vivid layering of the gouache conveys a feeling of watercolor. The liveliness and richness of gouache tones also benefit the theatrical quality of my art.

When creating a papercut, I challenge myself to see how delicately I can incise the design while still maintaining a continuous work of art. Through this technique, and by incorporating iconographic symbolism conveyed in a technically sophisticated manner, I bring a modern approach to this traditional art form.