NewNow™: The Best of the Western Reserve 2016

NewNow™:  The Best of the Western Reserve 2016


09/06/2016 - 10/06/2016    
12:00 am


Cuyahoga County Community College Gallery East
4250 Richmond Road , Highland Hills, OH

This regional, juried exhibition features the work of 55 artists in a variety of media representing the “Best of the Western Reserve”.  Conceived in 2014, this year’s NEWNOW competition includes 73 pieces chosen by judge Michael J. Beam from a pool of more than 450 outstanding entries.

Nancy’s Duality of Slavery and Freedom in the Modern World is currently on display as part of this show, sponsored by the Artists Archives of the Western Reserve.

Duality of Slavery and Freedom in the Modern World explores how people in the modern world have had the freedom to invent and develop so many amazing things. But in the frenetic pace of the world in which we have created them, we have become slaves to them.  Cut from one sheet of paper, Nancy’s piece presents these complex, interconnected inventions – agriculture, oil drilling, medicine, high technology, commercial harvesting in our oceans, and other industrial and post-industrial-era developments, through which we have changed our environment.  But to what end? the artwork asks. The imagery is the same one side to the other; blue represents freedom, grey/silver represents slavery.

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