03/10/2022 - 04/26/2022    
All Day


Worthington Yards
725 Johnson Ct, Cleveland, OH, 44113

Opening reception: Thursday, March 10, 2022 5:30-8:00 p.m
Please contact gallery for ongoing exhibition hours.

The artworks in Slowhand are about the luxury of mindfulness and retreat, and the creative journey of these artists, specially selected for this exhibition by curator Liz Maugans for their transformational processes.  Along with Nancy Schwartz-Katz, featured artists include Laurie Addis, Kate Budd, Ryn Clarke, Jill Yanik Eisert, Bob Herbst, Myrya Johnson, Jacquie Wynn Kennedy, Frank Oriti, Theadis Reagins, Noel Reifel, Katy Richards, Adrienne Slane, and Judy Takács.

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Nancy on Slowhand and her process in creating the new pieces she’ll exhibit:

I tend to do a lot of research when creating art for a client or an exhibit. When asked to participate in this show, my first thought was about apartment living in Cleveland. Apartment living is about connections, neighbors living together yet separate. Then I thought more broadly: Cleveland itself is about connections, connecting. So many “firsts” that connect people were invented in Cleveland: first U.S. city to have free mail delivery (1863); first city to have an electrified public space (Public Square, 1879); first indoor mall (The Arcade, 1890); first automobile sale (1898); first Rock and Roll concert (the Moondog Coronation Ball, Cleveland Arena, 1952), to name a few. Then I thought further about how Downtown Cleveland connects people, both literally and figuratively.

There are over 330 bridges in Cleveland. Many years ago, the east and west sides vied for goods through the bridges (which is where the “division” between the two sides began and ended), all of them built to connect and help move commerce, expanding enterprise. It is this idea that inspired the name of my artwork featured above (“Expansion”).

If Cleveland’s bridges represent the past, and commerce, I think of Lake Erie as the future. Another of my pieces for Slowhand, called “Connectivity”, shows the expanse of east, west and Downtown Cleveland, a vast and beautiful place for ongoing connection. With future developments in the works on the Lake Shore, east and west, Cleveland is sure to continue to flourish – and provide connection – as a destination for people to come and enjoy.


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